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The city of seven islands is home to people from various cultures, religions, and of varied ethnic and linguistic backgrounds coupled with the reality that almost all financial institutions and corporate houses of India are located in Mumbai, making the residents of the maximum city very vulnerable to personal and business-related problems. A fast–paced city life is a recipe for troubles and disasters. There are definite problems, which can only be solved by a professional and trained detective. TNDS provides both personal and corporate services in Mumbai. There are a lot of conflicts and safety problems, that need professional help to resolve. The services of TNDS come in very handy in any situation.

Divorce Case Investigation

TNDS is the top-notch detective agency of Mumbai and is there to provide simple and reasonable solutions to complex problems. TNDS has well experienced group of private investigators, who are acclimatize at both personal detective services and corporate detective services. We are specialized in all kind of detective and investigations such as pre marital investigation in Mumbai , post marital investigation in Mumbai, divorce cases investigation in Mumbai, surveillance detectives in Mumbai, loyalty test investigations in Mumbai, extramarital affairs investigations in Mumbai and so on. All of the aforementioned investigations will be supported with solid evidence such as documents, pictures, video/audio etc.

We at TNDS have been categorized private investigation services into two categories

Personal Detective Services In MumbaiCorporate Detective Services In Mumbai
Adultery detective servicesDebugging and sweeping
Financial fraud investigationBusiness competitor investigation
Missing person investigationLabour cases investigation
Extra marital affair investigationCompany employee verification
Divorce cases investigationTheft and pilferage investigation
Pre matrimonial investigationUndercover operations
Post matrimonial investigationLegal assistance for business
Loyalty test investigationCompany asset investigation

Personal Detective Service In Mumbai :

Post Matrimonial Investigation :

Post matrimonial investigation has to be done on your spouse if you find difficulty to judge your partners personality, nature, Behaviour, daily routine because you are not finding it normal and it’s not at ease to live with them.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation Services

Surveillance Investigation :

Surveillance is the monitoring of the behavior, activities or other varying information, generally of people for the purpose if influencing, managing, directing or protecting. In detective industry it is very important to do surveillance/follow up of subject. Surveillance is done in both personal as well as corporate. In surveillance, a detective/investigator observes all activities of subject or suspect person, that where he/she is going, to whom he/she meeting etc.

TDNS is a detective agency in Mumbai which is best for shadowing the suspect. We have well experienced professional, much experienced and highly educated team to do investigation.

TDNS has lots of spy gadgets like- spy camera, spy Bluetooth, spy software and so on. By which we can have eagle eye on subject and find out true information about him/her. In personal surveillance our detective team finds out what is the daily activity of suspect person? And in corporate surveillance detective group follow the person/suspect who is leaking the information about the company or organization.

Corporate Detective Service In Mumbai :

Undercover Operations :

In undercover operations our agent is planted in a particular area to sniff out the truth. In these agents our spy can be placed as a security guard, watchman, servant, drive etc. To detect the cases of infidelity, thefts, drug abuse etc. In case of corporate undercover agents our private investigators can be hired in factory, industrial unit, company, and so on. The undercover agent will disguise as a worker in the case of corporate. Our undercover operations services are popular in Mumbai.

Personal Investigation and Detective Services

Background Verification :

Complete personal investigations and confirmations, prior to going into any kind of connection with an outsider. In public life we frequently meet individuals with whom we intend to participate in financial, personal or business relations. In any case, because of a great deal of situations where individuals get duped, one must be additional wary while going into any such connection. We in TNDS confirm the forerunner of such individuals and give a clear picture and account. We find previous history of such individuals. We can check and screen everything about an individual including conduct, past, criminal record, clinical history, monetary limit and so forth.

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