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The National Detective Service has been the leader in the field of private detective services in Rajkot since 2010. TNDS is Rajkot Rajkot-based local private agency whose overall goal is to provide customers utmost satisfaction at all levels of investigation. The National Detective Service is among the best detective agencies in Rajkot, a matrimonial investigation agency in Rajkot for solving all types of investigation cases across all India with a 100% efficiency ratio. We are keen on accepting challenges in every project that we get and our goal is to solve them at the earliest with client satisfaction. We take care of all the precautions on everything during the period of investigation. We never sacrifice customer privacy as well as never disclose customer identity because we believe in quality service and also fulfill customer requirements with our result-oriented detective service in Rajkot.

National Detective Services in Ahmedabad

TNDS team consists of highly trained professionals in this field. Not only we have hired private detectives in Rajkot but also our networking across Rajkot and surrounding is very well accomplished which enables us to provide timely and up to date information to our customer and our detectives are very well experienced to tackle all the conditions to get the proper details in any situations. The National Detective Service is the best detective agency in Rajkot particularly in personal and corporate investigation service. The National Detective Service is the best detective agency in Rajkot particularly in personal and corporate investigation service. 

We offer various kinds of investigation to secure our customers. Our best detective investigators will help you to assemble complete proof that our searching for privately utilizing advanced technology like spy software and gadgets to solve your case as earliest as possible.

We at TNDS have been categorized private investigation services into two categories

Personal Detective Services In RajkotCorporate Detective Services In Rajkot
Adultery detective servicesDebugging and sweeping
Financial fraud investigationBusiness competitor investigation
Missing person investigationLabour cases investigation
Extra marital affair investigationCompany employee verification
Divorce cases investigationTheft and pilferage investigation
Pre matrimonial investigationUndercover operations
Post matrimonial investigationLegal assistance for business
Loyalty test investigationCompany asset investigation

Personal Detective Service In Rajkot :

Extra Marital Affair Investigation :

When you feel that your partner/spouse is having an extramarital affair you must verify the facts and obtain as much evidence as possible before it starts intimidating your sanity and peace of mind. In certain cases when our investigations reveal that your suspicions are wrong, our evidence of your spouse’s innocence could help save your marriage or relationship because if you were to falsely accuse your partner, it could result in an irreparable breakdown in your relationship.

We guarantee you of complete secrecy of the job because we understand how sensitive the matter is to you.
We take extreme care to make sure that our target person is never aware that he/she is being spied upon so as not to jeopardizes the trust that your partner and his/her family has on you. Our skilled field agents will also provide video and photographic proof wherever possible.

Photo Audio And Video Surveillance :

Whether yours is a private fraud investigation inquiry, we will work diligently to bring the matter to a satisfactory solution for you. Our expertise, allied to our use of advanced photo & Video Graphy equipment, makes sure that we resolve your inquiries at the earliest time. Our high state-of-the-art, covert cameras and recording equipment give customers the best proof.

Our specialty is that we have experienced and well-trained detective team in Rajkot to do surveillance and inquiry in detective cases. Our team knows well how to use the provided information and from where and how to gather useful details to solve the case.

We Have Solves Many Cases With Audio And Video Surveillance By Installing Hidden Cameras And Microphones At Particular Places. They Are Numerous Cases That Are Too Difficult To Solve, Such As Bank Robbery, Mobile Theft, The Continuous Advent Of Fake Calls Etc.

Corporate Detective Service In Rajkot :

Legal Assistance For Business :

We have panel of lawyers on our companies’ retainer ship. These renowned lawyers give legal assistance in all aspects of law. There are separate lawyers for corporate, civil, criminal, matrimonial laws. Generally people come in detective agencies also have to land up in court and they need good lawyers for the disposal of their case, TNDS detectives help the customer in engaging lawyers. Corporate sectors also look for lawyers who take care in intellectual property rights, civil proceedings, and arbitration and so on.

Corporate Investigation Services in Ahmedabad

Intellectual Property Rights :

Brands and products are the result of immense hard work of corporate sector. However, when a company accomplishes itself and its products, many competitor surface and start copying the brand. This is a nasty violation of trademark and copyright act.

The national detective services effectively protects the interest of customer company. We consider that the brand name, trademark and innovative product needs to be protected fiercely and vigorously. Fake products not only results into revenue loss but also leads to loss of reputation. The national detective service provides best solution for all intellectual property rights.

We find violators liaison with police and get a raid conducted. We also provide legal assistance in both civil and criminal cases of violation of intellectual property rights.
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