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The National Detective Service has been the leader in the field of private detective services in Vadodara since 2010. It is a Vadodara-based local private detective agency, where our goal is to provide customers utmost satisfaction at all levels of investigation.

The National Detective Service is the best detective agency in Vadodara, a matrimonial investigation agency in Vadodara for solving all kinds of investigation cases across all of India with a 100% ratio. We are keen on accepting challenges in every project that we get and our mission is to solve them as soon as possible with customer satisfaction. We take care of the safety of each and everything during the period of investigation. We never sacrifice customer privacy as well and we never disclose customers’ identity because we believe in quality service and also fulfill customers’ needs with our result-oriented detective service in Vadodara.

TDNS team consists of highly trained professionals in this field. Not only we have hired private detectives in Vadodara but also our network across Vadodara and the surrounding is very well recognized which enables us to provide timely and up-to-date information to our customers our detectives are well experienced in dealing with all the conditions to get the proper details in any situations.

National Detective Services in Ahmedabad
Role of our private investigation in Vadodara is very vital as they are the backbone of our agency, hence we hire individual who are not only qualified for the job but also are trustworthy and honest to the job and believe in team work. Our investigators in Vadodara are very punctual, information gathered by them are 100% true. They are well trained to handle any conflicting situation which arises during surveillance or tracing of evidence hence it is safe to say our investigators are trustworthy.

We are specialized in all types of detective & investigations such as pre/post-marital investigations in Vadodara, divorce cases investigation, surveillance detectives, fraud investigations, loyalty test investigations, undercover operations, etc. All the mentioned investigations will be supported with solid evidence such as documents, pictures, video/audio recordings, etc.

We at TNDS have been categorized private investigation services into two categories

Personal Detective Services In VadodaraCorporate Detective Services In Vadodara 
Adultery detective servicesDebugging and sweeping
Financial fraud investigationBusiness competitor investigation
Missing person investigationLabour cases investigation
Extra marital affair investigationCompany employee verification
Divorce cases investigationTheft and pilferage investigation
Pre matrimonial investigationUndercover operations
Post matrimonial investigationLegal assistance for business
Loyalty test investigationCompany asset investigation

Personal Detective Service In Vadodara :

Surveillance Investigation :

Surveillance is the monitoring of the behavior, activities, or other varying information, generally of people to influence, manage, direct, or protect. In the detective industry, it is very important to do surveillance/follow-up on the subject. Surveillance is done in both personal as well as corporate. In surveillance, a detective/investigator observes all activities of a subject or suspect person, where he/she is going, to whom he/she meeting, etc.

TDNS is a detective agency in Vadodara that is best for shadowing the suspect. We have well well-experienced professional, much experienced, and highly educated team to do investigation.

TDNS has lots of spy gadgets like- spy camera, spy Bluetooth, spy software and so on. By which we can have eagle eye on subject and find out true information about him/her. In personal surveillance our detective team finds out what is the daily activity of suspect person? And in corporate surveillance detective group follow the person/suspect who is leaking the information about the company or organization.

Loyal Test Investigation :


Loyalty towards your partner, always loving your partner, and reflect that trustfulness in relationship. Those who have loyal and trustworthy partners know the pleasures of love, it is the faithless and disloyal who teach that love is mean and heartbreaking. Everyone wants a loyal partner; the partner can be a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. People make emotional investments in a relationship and if they find that their partner is cheating on them, then all hell breaks loose. There are various signs to show that the partner is cheating. Often these signs are read by the partner. Based on suspicion no one can confront the cheating partner because no matter how grave the suspicion is, it can never take the place of cogent evidence. The National Detective Service is the best detective agency in the domain of loyalty check services.

It provides professional support to those who are looking for a loyalty check investigation and want to check the loyalty of their partner. A loyalty test investigation is always conducted when a person reports definite suspicion of their partner. Therefore the onset of private investigation for loyalty is a result of suspicion over their partner by our customers. Generally, the suspicion of the customer is found to be accurate in our investigations. We give clear evidence of betrayal and cheating by the suspect.

Financial Fraud Investigation :

Fraud, misappropriation of company assets, and other forms of financial fraud are common in today’s business world, and the list of white collar scam grows longer with each passing year. Besides, the potential damage that perpetrators can inflict on a business organization and its clients is greater than ever.

How can you protect yourself and your business from internal or external fraud? While there are no full evidence methods to eliminate the potential for fraud, you can greatly reduce your risk by enlisting the aid of qualified fraud investigation professionals. At TNDS, we have the training and experience to find out the evidence of past fraudulent activity, and the expertise to help you prevent future occurrences.


Corporate Detective Service In Vadodara :

Undercover Operation :

If your stock is disappearing, your cashier is thieving cash, shipment is not reaching its rightful destination on time, or your employees are plotting against you then you are at right place, we can help you.

We have a special team for undercover operations in Vadodara. Our detective team has performed many undercover operations and today we are considered one of the leading detective agencies for undercover operations. The group of people who have been selected while conducting several checks has been given intense training on this project. These services are available for our corporate as well as personal customers.

The female staff is very useful for personal purposes and the male staff is best suitable for corporate services. The requirements of both can be made by any sector but generally what happens and who avails these services have been shared. We have developed numerous undercover operation agents in a diverse variety of companies throughout India. TNDS has a wide range of experience in deploying agents for undercover operations. The way corporate sectors are growing day by day, requirements for such things are ever increasing rapidly across the world. 


The undercover operation is the ultimate way to get the right and true information inside the targeted location. Many companies have deployed undercover agents permanently from the beginning inside their business in various departments, keeping in view future issues. By planting our professional detectives in the customer’s company, on different designations, to fact find the root cause of all anti-management activities, pilferages, and thefts.


Company Asset Investigation :

If you have a civil judgment from a lawsuit or are thinking about filing a civil lawsuit but are not sure if the defendant is collectible, the National Detective Service is here to help you find assets, even hidden assets including property, vehicles, employment, bank accounts, business ownership and more and give you the information requirement to gather on the judgment. Our asset search products are designed to locate assets and give you the information you require for judgment collection or asset recovery, without wasting your money on information that you likely already know or could find for free on the internet. We are the choice for those who need to know the facts before they waste valuable time and money chasing an uncollectible debtor.

The National Detective Service has managed to achieve par excellence throughout its successful investigation project completion. We are a remarkable private detective agency that has excelled in delivering the fantabulous asset verification process.

We rinse out factual assets which lead to take the right decision at the moment. We have an excellent group of investigation officers who are well experienced in handling any sort of complex asset information which can help you to prepare your case appropriately which makes your way easier to win any kind of legal fight.

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