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The national detective service is the leader in the field of private detective services in Delhi since 2010. It is Delhi based local private detective agency, where our goal is to provide customer utmost satisfaction at all the level of investigation.

The national detective service is the best detective agency in Delhi, matrimonial investigation agency in Delhi for solving all kind of investigation cases across all over India with 100% ratio. We are keen on accepting challenges in every project that we get and our mission is to solve them as soon as possible with customer’s satisfaction. We take care of all the safety on each and every thing during the period of investigation. We never sacrifice customer’s privacy as well as we never disclose customer’s identity because we believe in quality service also fulfill customers need with our result oriented detective service in Delhi.

TDNS team consists of highly trained professionals in this filed. Not only we have hired private detectives in Delhi but also our network across Delhi and surrounding is very well recognized which enables us to provide timely and up to date information to our customer and our detective are well experienced to deal with all the condition to get the proper details in any situations.

The role of our private investigators in Delhi is very vital as they are the backbone of our agency, hence we hire individuals who are not only qualified for the job but also are trustworthy and honest to the job and believe in teamwork.

Our investigators in Delhi are very punctual, information gathered by them are 100% true. They are well trained to handle any conflicting situation which arises during surveillance or tracing of evidence hence it is safe to say our investigators are trustworthy.
We are specialized in all types of detective & investigations such as pre/post marital investigations in Delhi, divorce cases investigation, surveillance detectives, fraud investigation, loyalty test investigations, undercover operations etc. All the mentioned investigations will be supported with solid evidences such as documents, pictures, video/audio recording etc.

We at TNDS have been categorized private investigation services into two categories

Personal Detective Services In DelhiCorporate Detective Services In Delhi
Adultery detective servicesDebugging and sweeping
Financial fraud investigationBusiness competitor investigation
Missing person investigationLabour cases investigation
Extra marital affair investigationCompany employee verification
Divorce cases investigationTheft and pilferage investigation
Pre matrimonial investigationUndercover operations
Post matrimonial investigationLegal assistance for business
Loyalty test investigationCompany asset investigation

Personal Detective Service In Delhi

Divorce Cases investigation :

Divorce is also known as ending / dissolution of marriage and thus by legal process a judge passes a decree which terminate a marriage. Divorce means the cancelling and nullification of marriage between husband and wife. There are various reasons for increasing divorce rates. As the divorce rate increases so is the requirement of private detectives for divorce case investigation in Delhi. We totally keep the information safe and secure and honor your privacy. The information gathered from the customer and also the information collected is not shared with any one without the permission of the clients. The proof that is gathered is also directly hand over to the customer. The evidence includes photographs or video to make sure what the truth is. In case of fraudulence from the opposite partner, sufficient evidence is gathered so that during filing for a divorce adequate compensation can be demanded.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation Services

Employee Theft Verification :

Employee theft without doubt has turned out the most concerning matter of any business. It is precise to say that you are truly tensed over employee theft in your organization? What amount of loss you have faced due to employee theft? Who is the individual that is taking the case, materials from the business? If you are thinking about these questions then it is normal, however, you are not getting any option to get rid of this situation. So don’t stress since the national detective service is useful to get the responsible employee before you. By detecting the responsible you can save your business from big potential loss and our investigation agency prepare detailed report and send it to you for every instant.

Corporate Detective Service In Delhi :

Business Competitor Investigation :

The national detective service goes directly to the heart of your competitor’s business. Whether you are deep in the competition or you are planning to enter a new market, it is vital to your success that you stay one step ahead of your rivals. The investigators at TNDS can help you do that by giving you all the available information on your competitor. Our global network of resources will make sure that you have everything you require to compete at the highest level. Feel free to contact us to analyze your needs and let us show you how we can provide you the service you need to dominate your market, within the limits of the law.


Loyal Test Investigation :

A loyalty test investigation is an investigation which is performed on a subject to check if that person has any extra marital affairs or even just love affairs with anyone outside of their committed relationship. The national detective service intend at conducting a thorough loyalty check investigation on their subjects with the highly developed technology available in the market. We have the best loyalty investigation detectives in our team who are highly skilled and know how to conduct the investigation properly. For a loyalty test investigation we hire smart, juvenile and attractive people. They become our undercover agents and work for us for loyalty tests. For us we value our customers and understand how vital it is for them to find out the evidence regarding their partners.

For us we value our customers and understand how vital it is for them to find out the evidence regarding their partners. A loyalty test of your partner is vital because you are going to spend the rest of your life with them and you must know what you are getting into.
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